Traduction-Traductologie /Translation-Translation Studies/الترجمة-الترجمية
Évaluation - Evaluation
  • Définition
  • Mot d’une langue donnée dont la morphologie ressemble à celle d’un mot d’une autre langue, mais dont la signification ou l’une des acceptions est différente.

  • Exemple
  • Actually et actuellement sont de faux amis :

    • I am actually very happy. (en fait)

    • Je suis actuellement très heureuse. (currently)

    Délai et delay sont de faux amis :

    • I had some delay in completing a construction project. (avoir du retard)

    • J’avais un délai pour compléter le projet de construction. (time limit)

  • Definition
  • A word in a given language whose form resembles a word in another language, but the meaning of the two words or one of their senses is different.
  • Example
  • Different historical processes affect word meanings, which results in two groups of false friends:

    a. pairs of words in two closely related languages, which can develop semantically in different directions (e.g., the English word gift in the meaning of ‘present’ vs. the German word Gift in the meaning of ‘poison’)

    b. internationalisms, i.e., Euro-Latin and Euro-Greek words, which have been borrowed repeatedly during different phases of history; they often undergo different semantic developments in two or more languages (e.g., the Latin word concursus, which may mean ‘bankruptcy’ in e.g., German (‘Konkurs’) or Slovene (‘konkurz’) or ‘competition, music or art contest’ in e.g., French (‘concours’).

  • التعريف
  • تسمية تُطلَق على لفظة ترد في لغة ما تشبه لفظة في لغة أخرى من حيث الشكل وتختلف عنها من حيث الدلالة.

  • المثل
  • نلاحظ في المثل التالي أنّ للفظة (chance) في اللغتَين الفرنسية والإنكليزية دلالة مختلفة:

    ترجمة سديدة

    النص المصدر

    هو محظوظ لأنّه تعرّف إليك. 

    Il a eu de la chance de vous rencontrer. 

    هذا اللقاء سيتيح لنا فرصة التعرّف إلى أهله.

    This meeting will give us the chance to meet with his parents.


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